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Thermalright TY-143 - 140 mm Fan

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  • PWM fan, provides simple and easy adjustment of fan speed with the latest ETC IC .

  • Seven Silent Torpedo Blades - “submerges”, gives most quiet and efficient airflow.

  • Two Ball Bearing - to ensure consistent and stable rpm, prolonged lifetime of usage.

  • Aerodynamic body–Less friction around the edges and give more centered and concentrated airflow.

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With the TY 143 Thermalright presents - true to its motto "innovated - not imitated" - a high-performance version of the TY 141 fan.

The fan is designed for users who wish maximum cooling performance in extreme situations. The TY-143 generates at the maximum rotation speed of 2.500 rpm an air flow of up to 130 CFM! Naturally, a fan with such a high rotation speed will generate corresponding noise – the maximum sound volume of the TY 143 is specified at 45 dB(A) at maximum speed. The extremely wide control range of the fan between about 600 and 2,500 rpm means, that the noise level of the fan during normal operation will be quite acceptable at approx. 21 dB(A). Thanks to the PWM control, the fan automatically adjusts to the individual circumstances.

The Thermalright TY 143 has the dimensions 140 x 152 x 26.5 mm, the mounting points are identical to those of conventional 120 mm fans. Owing to the sophisticated design of the inner diameter of the fan is even slightly greater than that of a conventional 140 mm fans (!).The truncated frame of the fan can be mounted at various coolers that are designed for standard 120 mm fan. A requirement is that the fan is mounted directly on the side facing the heat sink. Fan brackets which engage over the entire frame are usually incompatible. When using it as a case fan you should examine whether sufficient space is available to the side.

The TY 143 features a double ball bearing, which guarantees a particularly high durability.

Size 140 x 160 mm
Installation Depth 26.5 mm
Voltage Range 12 V
Fan Speed 600 - 2,500 rpm
Rated Power 7.2 W
Air Flow 31.5 - 130 CFM
Air Flow 54 - 221 m³/h
Noise 21 - 45 dB(A)
Durabilty 50,000 h
Bearing 2-Ball Bearing
Connector 4-Pin PWM

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Produttore Thermalright
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