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Cooltek W1 Window by Jonsbo (Black - Nero)

Breve descrizione

Cooltek "powered by Jonsbo"

Ideale per PC-gaming ad alte prestazioni

Interamente in acciaio spesso solo 0.8-1.0 mm

Internamente versatile, permette l'installazione di componenti di alto livello

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Under the label "Cooltek - powered by Jonsbo" we present the highest quality cases for demanding users.

The "W1" is aimed at customers who want to create a powerful gaming system based on a compact Mini-ITX setup. The main feature of the W1 is its timeless design line with an attractive, classic exterior in aluminium. The case is available in black and silver.

The front of the W1 is kept very sleek - only the slot-in bay for a slim-design optical drive stands out. The angular design "banishes" the power and reset button, as well as the I/O panel to the right side of the case in order to preserve the uniform classic design line.

The chassis of the W1 is made of high quality 0.8 - 1 mm thick SGCC steel and gives the case maximum stability. The front consists of brushed, 1.5 mm thick aluminium; sides and top are made from 2.0 mm thick aluminium. Air intakes in the left side panel and under the top cover allow optimal air exchange.

The real strength of W1 is revealed when side and top panel are removed: The internal structure is designed for maximum compatibility and allows the installation of most powerful components. The interior of W1 is divided into two parts:

In the lower part you can install high-end power supplies without space restriction. In addition, up to two 2.5 " SSD can be conveniently mounted on the chassis bottom when needed.

In the upper part the HDD cage is located, which is geared for the decoupled mounting of up to four 3.5 inch drives. The hard drives are simply equipped with anti-vibration screws and then inserted into the existing slots. Installation is thus incredibly easy and guarantees that vibrations are damped, which might disturb the user. Above the HDD cage you can find a mounting frame which accommodates a 5.25 inch slot-in drive in slim-line format.

The motherboard is mounted on the motherboard-tray above the power supply unit. This configuration offers several advantages:

Firstly, the W1 has two separate thermal zones – the area of the power supply is separated from the upper part with motherboard, VGA card and CPU cooler. In addition, high-end graphics cards with a maximum length of 320 mm, and CPU cooler with an installation height of up to 215 mm can be accommodated in the W1.

The ventilation system of the W1 is also designed for maximum performance. In order to perfectly ventilate the upper area of the interior, one 140 mm fan each is installed both behind the front and on the rear panel. The front fan ensures perfect cooling of the installed hard drives, the fan on the rear panel efficiently dissipates the heated air of the CPU cooler and graphics card. Air intakes in the left side panel guarantee that even the most powerful graphics cards can suck in enough fresh air. Finally the top cover is perforated with a large quantity of air holes. If required, users can install two 120 or 140 mm fans.

Dust filters in the front, under the bottom, at the back wall and, under the top cover prevent dust from entering the case.

We also thought about the friends of compact water cooling solutions. If desired, 240 mm slim radiators can be mounted under the top cover – respectively compact 120 or 140 mm models. An enclosed frame, which can be used to replace the holder of the optical disk, can be used in the installation of correspondingly long radiators in order to make enough room. Please note that when a 240 mm radiator is used, you cannot install an optical drive anymore.

For simplified installation of external water cooling components, the W1 has two rubber hose outlets in the rear panel.

The stylish case rests on vibration-decoupled case feet. Two USB 3.0 “Super Speed” connectors are available externally. Thus, external hard disk or USB drives can be connected quickly and easily.

Depicted hardware is not included.

N.B. l'hardware mostrato nelle immagini non è incluso.

Cooltek W1 Window
Form Factor Mini-ITX
Alimentatore ATX
  Drive da 3.5" 4
Drive da 2,5" 2 x
Ventole frontale 1 x 140 mm
Ventole posteriore 1 x 140 mm
Ventole superiori 2 x 120/140 mm
Misure in mm 356(H) x 242(W) x 362(D)
Peso 5,8 kg
Materiali Alluminio e acciaio
Lunghezza massima VGA 320 mm
Altezza massima dissipatore 215 mm
Codice prodotto JB W1 K-W

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Produttore Cooltek
Tempi Preparazione Ordine Spedizione in 3-4 giorni

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